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This is a list of links to sites that may be useful in searching for your Irish Ancestors.

I'll be adding to these as new links come to hand and I'd also be happy to have tips on any links that you may have, that are not on this list.

This is a great site that Frank told us about at the Clan Rally

but before you start with searching, read the tips here! :

I haven't tried this one yet, but it could be useful. It is is various languages.

Ireland 101. Find your Irish Family. Quite informative.

I have gained a lot of information by starting my family tree on

Briget's Link Page. Here is a page full of useful links on Ireland and Scotland:

Ancestry is a great site, but is expensive! One can select the area of interest, or select the whole world. Be careful, as if one pays for one month and does not stop it at the end of the month, the abo is automatically renewed for the following month! If one does cancel just before the month expires, the data you have researched and your family tree remains on the web and one can activate it at any time when one has time to research again. The great advantage is that the site continues to work in the background and if it finds a similar name with a similar date etc on another tree or record, it sends you an e-mail advising you of same. You do have to be active to be able to follow the tips! If the tip is useful, you can then add it to your tree.  You can also send an invitation to friends to look at your tree, and you have the option to show or hide living people.

I have progressed two generations further back with my tree using Ancestry, but am presently stuck on my G.G.G, Grandfather John Cassidy, who's first child Timothy, was born in Sydney in 1814. I have the baptism certificates for all his children, but cannot find marriage or birth certificates and as such, cannot find where and when John came from. The mother of his four children is listed as Eleanor Cosgrove. I presume both John and Eleanor were born in Ireland around 1790 but I am still looking for further information and the link.