Friday 30th June


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  The Clan Rally started Friday afternoon with the registration procedures and getting to know each other.

DSC9533.JPG (171966 Byte)

The registration table with a few name tags still waiting to be collected.

This was followed by the Clan General Meeting with the election of An Caisideach (or chieftain) and office bearers. The meeting was rather short, as there was only one nomination for An Caisideach.

Nuala Cassidy was elected in a unaninmous vote and her brother Noel Cassidy was then elected as chairman, a position in which Nuala had been active. They are both devoted to the Clan and I feel they will both be excellent in the positions.

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Nuala Cassidy

DSC9527.JPG (158051 Byte)

Nuala Cassidy and Noel Cassidy

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The Killyhevlin Hotel was a magnificent venue for the Clan Rally. This is the view from the terrace and the dining rooms.

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My wife Elisabeth was surprised at dinner with a small birthday treat.

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After dinner we had a Power Point presentation, "Meet the Cousins",

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and Elisabeth was again surprised, this time with a birthday cake which was shared with all those present.

DSC9566.JPG (170723 Byte)

The rest of the evening was then spent meeting new friends and enjoying the beautiful weather and the location!

These photos were taken at 11:30 PM

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